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Next in line to succeed fellow-countrymen of greatness such as U2, Van Morrison and Snow Patrol, comes Dublin’s northside native, Brian Whittington. At over 6’5”, there is literally no missing the artist that is set to be Ireland’s biggest new export - add to that some seriously expansive vocal range mixed with unbridled talent, and he magically becomes twice the size. Truly larger than life, find out why Whittington is capturing the attention of critics, major labels and anyone with ears.

By the age of 13, the wunderkind was spending every weekend singing in pubs and on the streets of Dublin. “There were no amps so if you didn’t project you didn’t get money,” Brian says. “This is how I learned.”

Today, he could teach a music masterclass, if having the “it” factor is something that can be taught. Case and point: ‘Loretta’, wherein a basic three-way independence one learns in Drums 101 meets like an orgasmic crescendo with clean, catchy synths. Over which, Brian Whittington’s rollicking lyrics and voice draw you in like moths to the flame. Its neon glow, just too bright to ignore.

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