Sébastien Léger tour dates

  • Dada 04/09/19
    Tirana Albania
  • Slakthuset 06/09/19
    Stockholm Sweden
  • Virtu 07/09/19
    Kotor Montenegro
  • Uebel & Gefäehrlich 28/09/19
    Hamburg Germany
  • The Cause 04/10/19
    London United Kingdom
  • La Table du Réservoir 05/10/19
    Rabat Morocco
  • Unicorn Garden 18/10/19
    Cairo Egypt
  • Komma 23/10/19
    Paris France
  • Sala Bikini 26/10/19
    Barcelona Spain
  • Playa Padre 01/11/19
    Marbella Spain
  • Eden Rooftoop 02/11/19
    Kyiv Ukraine
  • TUSK 09/11/19
    Wollongong Australia
  • Return To Rio 09/11/19
    Sydney Australia
  • Impala 15/11/19
    Auckland New Zealand
  • Sooki 16/11/19
    Belgrave Australia
  • LUFT 2019 at Coburg Velodrome 16/11/19
    Coburg North Australia
  • RX Istanbul 13/12/19
    Taksim, Istanbul Turkey
  • Audio 14/12/19
    Geneva Switzerland
  • Exit Club 20/12/19
    Brno Czech Republic
  • Ponton 21/12/19
    Amsterdam Netherlands
  • Zoom Music Club 05/01/20
    Catanzaro Italy
  • Newspeak 10/01/20
    Montreal Canada
  • Lost Paradise Festival 22/02/20
    Koh Pangan Thailand
  • Soho Garden DXB 10/04/20
    Dubai United Arab Emirates

Sébastien Léger

Artist Bio

Sébastien Léger has taken an unorthodox approach to his musical career resulting in a unique creative output. Over the last 20 years he has learned to adapt to the ever- changing face of Dance Music. Staying true to yourself and believing in your own abilities are the key to being able to thrive and develop over such a long period. This distinctive ability, is something only a handful of artists can call their own.

French electronic artist Sébastien was raised on music and for the last 20 years has lived and breathed every second of it encompassing an array of different genres. Whilst both his parents are classically trained musicians, it was only a matter of time before he took his first steps into this same world. Drawing his early inspirations from Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ album, which provides an eclectic journey spanning across the Rock ‘N Roll, Soul and Funk genres he has taken this mould and turned it into something entirely different and his own.

Releasing music over a 20 + year career, including 4 studio albums and countless EP’s on a variety of labels including his own imprint Mistakes Music, Einmusika Recordings, Systematic Recordings and Dubfire’s SCI + TEC. Understanding the need for reinvention is key to Sébastien’s philosophy, constantly looking for that perfect track and never standing still for too long as stagnation is not in his master plan. Neither is straight down the line Techno, injections of groove and funk are key to his signature sound that has earnt him a long and fruitful career with one key objective – Keep the dancefloor moving.

Perceptions from others and including an especially critical dancefloor community can lead to an artist to change their style and fit a certain category, however in Sébastien’s case he’s worked tirelessly to make sure he creates a musical output that is representative of his emotions and music that is for him.

Straight talking Sébastien devotes all his emotions into his music and enjoys making people feel the same way. Throughout his career, he has constantly walked the knife edge between entertaining himself and keeping the crowd moving. Considering his job as more of a hobby is a gift and one that Sébastien holds in high regard.

Looking towards the future for Sébastien, his tour schedule is packed and will see him perform in some of the world’s most sought after venues. Never straying from his musical path, he has a full album penned for 2018 as well as a handful of releases on key labels. Sébastien Leger certainly shows no signs of slowing down and invites you to ‘Open your mind, don’t except the norm’.

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